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Cinema Software: The Comprehensive All-in-One Solution

At first glance, cinemas can appear to be working seamlessly. From managing the flow of customers with ease to organising screenings and new releases, it can seem that cinemas are able to run operations smoothly.

However, there is a myriad of functions constantly working behind the scenes to run a successful cinema. That’s why cinema software has revolutionised the way that cinemas operate in the modern world.

Cinema software offers all the hardware, software, integrations, and support needed to efficiently run cinema operations. It provides an all-in-one solution with inordinate services via its fully integrated cinema system. This includes real-time reservations through an array of sales channels, compatibility with different software and devices (e.g., kiosks, tablets, printers, etc.), and more.

Here are a few of the most pivotal features of cinema software that your business can greatly benefit from.

Multiple Channels for Sales

Sophisticated and innovative cinema software provides additional avenues for sales and further enhances upselling opportunities for cinemas. Cinema software encourages customers to upgrade their viewing experience by purchasing additional items and add-ons such as snacks, drinks, and more.

This is usually done through prompts shown on the screen when customers are purchasing tickets. Cinema management systems further help customers to make impromptu purchases through convenient kiosks located at the cinema itself. As cinema software is centralised, you can sell everything from one interface as the POS system can handle sales from ticketing, concessions, bar and restaurant sales, etc.

Digital Signage

Digital signage refers to mediums that deliver useful information to individuals physically at the cinema. This includes digital and electronic screens that are strategically placed in cinema halls to advertise and communicate with staff and visitors. These include standard screens, interactive displays, kiosks, and more.

It is a highly effective tool for making cinemas more profitable and boosting revenue. It helps enhance user experience as customers can learn more about the latest films and shows through watching trailers, short clips, social media feeds, and more. As opposed to traditional film posters, digital signage has allowed for greater marketing opportunities and increasing upsells.

Call Center

Not only does cinema software offer contactless avenues for making sales, but it is also inclusive of call center facilities. This helps deliver a full service to your customers by offering phone services to purchase tickets, make inquiries, reserve seats, check loyalty information and more. This enhances the overall user experience as customers can contact staff directly to assist with any matters.

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