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Importance of Lighting in Creating Stunning Videos

Lightening is as important as the other sources for a good video creation. Lightening is of the vital importance for a good creation you may not realize its impotence during the shooting but afterwards it can make your video or it can break it. Lightening can make a big impact on yours and that is why the first thing the director says in Light Camera Action. There are few tips through which you can make the lightening better.

Use the best source for lightening

Now a day’s everyone is well equipped with latest source of light but if you don’t use it then it’s of no use. And remember not using proper light in your video, it can make it grainy and even out of focus. And it will show that how untrained you are in your work.

So try and get the hold of best lights and also learned how to used them in order to shoot the best quality video

Placing of light should be appropriate

Having light is not everything but its placement matters the most. You should know which object need more light and which less and at the same time which should be shoot in shadow which should not.

Make sure you have adequate light to enlighten your subject. Sometimes diffused light works better than direct lighting depends upon the situation and tries to point the light on the wall instead of pointing it out at the face.

And shun the usage of too much back light, as it can create a situation where your object will simply appear as a shadowy.

Try to adjust the white balance of your camera yourself

Over here white balance means “color balance”. It is a function in your camera which need to be adjusted correctly and you need to first check its setting regarding this option and by the time you will adjust it properly than it will show all colors suitably. . If you don’t know how to adjust white balance, your video shot under radiant lighting may have a yellow/orange shade, and video shot under fluorescent lighting may have a blue, sometimes greenish hue.

Most of the cameras have an option of “auto-white balance” feature. But the fact is that option is not accurate. And for the best quality you need to adjust it manually.

And there is a way through which you can adjust it, grasp a piece of paper (make sure the paper should be blank) in an area illuminated by light source you are focusing in. and now zoom in with your camera to block the screen with this white, and now finally use the option of your camera to adjust the white balance.

There is one possibility that the usage of white balance make people look warmer and instead set the white balance using some pale blue color as it will be beneficial as it makes the skin look richer, rather than tan.

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