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Blasius and Sons: Very Best Quality Piano Well-loved by Thomas Edison

Annually for a lot of other piano makers, he established his company in 1855 by Blasius Siblings and siblings in Philadelphia on 1006 Chestnut Street. It absolutely was a Piano Alley, so to speak, with Chickering and Sons, Decker Siblings and siblings, and Steinway warerooms on a single street.

In 1857, he parts ways together with his siblings and siblings as partners, and Charles changes the specific firm to Blasius and Sons, while using the admission of his two sons Levi and Oscar as partners.

In 1887, Blasius needed charge of the Charles Albrecht Piano Company, that was among the earliest piano manufacturers within the u . s . states. Coupled with Albrecht name, Blasius & Sons also built pianos underneath the “Regent” brand just as one affordable option to his costlier Blasius brand.

It will always be a great business practice to provide a person many options.

Due to their pricey when new, Blasius pianos weren’t built round the huge scale like a number of other American piano manufacturers.

Thomas Edison was very thinking about and endorsed the Blasius piano, and used them inside the experiments. He was performing an evaluation while using the piano and phonograph. This is often a letter Edison authored to Blasius in December of 1894.

“Dear Sirs,

We’re still testing out your piano in regards to the the phonograph. We’re not pleased with the phonographic reproduction, nonetheless the piano is very fine. We shall continue until we’ve reproduced the very first wonderful it’s richness of tone.

This Author,

Thomas Edison”

Without a doubt desire a piano specialist, that Edison most likely did not achieve reproducing the “richness of tone” within the piano while using the phonograph.

Charles Blasius dies in 1894, as well as the organization was presented to Preston Grain, and Philip Wuest, proprietors within the Grain-Wuest piano company,

Around 1916 getting trouble maintaining orders and outgrowing their Philadelphia building, they undertake the job of relocating with a bigger building in Woodbury, Nj, relocating over 400 employees additionally for their families.

Woodbury, NJ was offering “no taxes for 5 years” to inspire companies to maneuver there. Meanwhile, they started leasing the Philadelphia building to many companies.

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