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How to Find Singers for Hire for Your Special Occasion

When it comes to your party, event or special occasion there are so many different things to consider and add to your ‘to do’ list. A special occasion such as a birthday party or wedding needs to be a part of your personality and suit your individual style and image.

If you are on a tight budget choosing to organise your own party or event will save you money. Event planners will cost in the region of £40 – £250 per hour, depending on how involved you want them to be. For example; the average cost of an event planner for a wedding could be as much as £10,000 and that is on top of the wedding outfits, food and associated costs.

If you are planning your own party or event, you will need to be very organised and a lot of time will be spent on writing ‘to do’ lists and speaking with various different companies in trying to determine exactly what it is you want. From deciding which venue to hire to selecting the food, and more importantly what kind of entertainment you will choose will be at the top of the list.

Entertainment is one of the most important parts of ensuring everyone enjoys your party or special event. The last thing you want is people sat around looking uncomfortable as they are not enjoying the music or band that you have chosen.

Many people are moving away from traditional discos and more are either turning to bands for their event or singers. You should take time to look at all options when it comes to bands and singers; there are so many various styles of music and types of bands available it can be a hard decisions to make.

Bands and Singers for hire at events and parties are a fairly new concept to the UK. They have traditionally been big in the US, with people choosing them for an array of special occasions; from weddings, Bar Mitzvah, baby showers and even children’s birthday parties.

You will need to select your entertainment based on your audience, you do not want a country and western band or singers for a group of friends who love the music from the 1990’s. Decide if it is a band or a standalone performer you are looking for, this will narrow down the type of entertainment you need to search for.

If you can listening to a sample of the performers music will help you realise just how suitable they are. Just because they are professional singers for hire does not mean they will suit your party or audience. Knowing the type of music you want will also eliminate room for upset, you do not want a performer to arrive and start singing Frank Sinatra when you wanted ACDC.

Sometimes the saying ‘get what you pay for’ comes into play when booking your band or singer. If you want to hire a good performer with lots of excellent reviews you will need to be prepared to pay more, there is always room for negotiation and many performers will expect to have to work to a clients budget. Do not be shy in asking.

A good way of negotiating would be to offer to feed or give free drinks to the band or performer throughout the evening, this reduces their costs and everyone likes to eat free food, especially as the food at your event will be extra special.

It maybe a good idea to organise a ‘backup’ band or performer, on the rare occasion the entertainment you have chosen to hire may well be sick or break down on the way to your event and you are left with nothing. Buying a spare pair of speakers and knowing you can put some music on or there is someone you can turn to at the last minute will help.

There will be plenty of bands and singers for hire in your local area, the best place to start to is ask around and see if anyone can recommend someone to you. The internet is also a great place to find your ideal performer, with many offering music samples online that you can listen too.

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